Adult Psychological Telehealth Services

Thank you for your interest. I hope these pages will serve to introduce us to one another.

As a Clinical Psychologist in practice for 30 years, my goal is to help you uncover your full potential and lead the life that you wish to celebrate. I provide psychological services to adults (including individuals and couples), now incorporating primarily a telehealth model in light of changing public health priorities.   

While it is usually not possible to change difficult circumstances of your past, psychotherapy can lead to a better understanding of them and facilitate the resolution of current challenges.  I adopt an integrative approach to therapy, utilizing cognitive, analytic, interpersonal, and dialectic strategies to facilitate behavior change. Diagnostic evaluations and focused consultations are also an integral part of the services that I provide. With thorough and thoughtful clinical assessment and the right therapeutic approaches, we can address long-standing behavior patterns or pervasive perceptions that may stand in the way of better health, more meaningful relationships, an improved sense of well-being, or a more fulfilling day-to-day life.  Careful and thoughtful adaptations to a video-based practice have been made in the last 2 years in order to continue effective treatment while incorporating changing health concerns and lifestyle adaptations.  In keeping with the changing face of health care emphasizing convenience and research-based efficacy for clients, all services are now provided in a telehealth format.  

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns with which I can help you, or if you would like to set up a telehealth appointment for a consultation. 

In health,
Dr. Henrike B. Kroemer

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